Settings pane

The settings for the microscope are gathered together into a settings pane, which is further subdivided into sections. This page does not provide an exhaustive list, but a few of the notable controls are:

  • Adjusting exposure time and gain of the camera, including automatic adjustment.
  • Automatic white balance and flat-field correction for the camera.
  • Enabling or disabling certain features of the software (e.g. ImJoy integration).
  • Enabling or disabling the video stream (this allows the native low-latency preview on the Raspberry Pi to be used instead).
  • Calibrating the relationship between stage coordinates and pixel coordinates in the video stream, allowing click-to-move to function.

Important calibration tasks (in particular camera settings adjustment and click-to-move calibration) will be prompted in a “wizard” dialogue when the software is first run, to help first time users set up their microscope. All of the auto calibration routines are also available from the settings pane.